Do not buy body jewelry from Hot Topic!


I just want to second the other post about not buying Hot Topic body jewelry…I bought some “6g” pinchers and couldn’t get them in my ear; they were too big. I’d been stretched to 6g for months, so there shouldn’t have been a problem, unless of course they mislabeled their body jewelry. I tried to return/exchange them and they refused to take them back even though it was their fault for selling me “6g” pinchers that were actually larger than that!

Hot Topic is notoriously bad for not sizing their jewellery properly. It is absolutely ridiculous; they should be follow the general standards.

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    about a year ago, i bought acrylic tapers from them which wee supposed to be 8g but ended up being way too large. i went...
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    Hot topic has some of the shittiest body jewelry I’ve ever seen. Sally’s really takes the cake though.
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  4. lostmyselfatsea said: I used to work there and had to correct the jewelry sizes all the time!
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  7. preshul said: Not all jewelry is the exact same size…
  8. ecosysticated said: I can’t even tell you how many times that happened to me before I clued in to stop buying my stuff there. I got two 3/4ths and one was too small and the other too big.
  9. killjoykerosenequeen said: Yes I know that feeling; I went to piercing planet and when I was about 13 they told me to get double flared plugs and I did, when I couldn’t get them in they insisted it just needed a push, so I did, then they tried to con me into paying them to do it!
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  11. evilrainbowspells said: hot topic just has crappy jewelry/clothing in general. Their jewelry is made of low quality materials. I remember getting a couple necklaces from there and they made my neck green so I wouldn’t trust any of their body jewelry..
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    Also the amount of products that they sell that are safe to put in your ears, in my opinion at any point, is little to...
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  15. nyxx13 said: Employee here. Company policy. Once they’re opened, we cannot take them back. Its right on the receipt that you cannot return them. The majority of our jewelry is fine. Use common sense while picking a style. Some of it is crap.
  16. brown--hound said: they DO sell KAOS brand jewlery there thats the only good stuff.. everything else is crap.
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    is notoriously bad...jewellery properly. It is absolutely ridiculous;
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